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I've fallen deep into pokemon hell, so of course I've amassed a backlog of shit ive started that I'll probably never finished. Anyway, this is just where I'm dumping things I'm working on, things I've abandoned, and other things. More often then not, they're just pasted in without any editing, so a lot of this is me stopping in the middle of my creative process...so it's a mess, basically. Also please note that I'm sadistic as hell and my boys will suffer.
Red didn't leave Mt. Silver of his own will. -- Green's in the middle of instructing his trainers when his pokegear starts ringing. He checks who's calling, and answers it with a sigh. "I'm kind of in the middle of something, Gramps." He huffs, looking at the feed of his Grandfather through the screen of the pokegear. "Delia called me a few minutes ago." His Grandfather started, ignoring Green's complaint. "He's back, Green." It took a moment, then Green's eyes widened, and he immediately bit down any hope. "You're not talking about–" "Yes." The professor continued seriously. "Red is back, Green." -- Green is surprised to be hearing from his sister– they should both be working; and that's how he knows it's important. He answers his pokegear, giving his trainers a look that says "Get training! You're not here to stand around!" He goes into the hall with it, finally done neglecting the device. Green opens his mouth to speak, and stops, catching the exhausted, distraught look his sister has on the small screen of the pokegear. "Did something happen ?" He asks gravely. "Don't freak out. I didn't call to get you roused up, I called because I'm your sister and I know how important he is to you–" "Daisy, what are you–" Green interrupts, only to be interrupted himself. "Red showed up this morning." Daisy said. Green felt his body tense. "You didn't tell me until–" Daisy shut him down immediately. "Green, shut your damn mouth and get your ass down to the Viridian hospital. I'll explain when you get here." She said sourly, hanging up the pokegear. Green was numb. His body switched to autopilot, and he shouted at his trainers to continue their training, he was leaving for the day. He headed outside, grabbing Pidgeot's pokeball off his belt, and they flew to the hospital. -- Green burst into Red's room. And there, with Pikachu curled up on his chest, hooked up to various monitoring machines and fluids, was Red. He had matured, certainly, but with the pale skinniness of the teen, it was lost on him. He looked so small as he slept, so wrong with his long limbs and sickly tone. Green stopped staring and turned to his sister, the only other human in the room. He sat down beside her, running his hands through his hair. "Delia found him on her front step this morning. She heard someone knock, went to answer the door, and there he was. I was leaving for work just then, and, well..." Daisy sighed. "I told her I'd wait for you to come before I left." -- Red awoke to a dark room, contrasted by the streaks of light that escaped into the room through the open door. He felt pretty good, with the fog in his mind starting to dissipate. His gaze shifted to the sleeping figure slumped over his bedside, surprised to realize it to be Green,
I might actually continue that one, just needed to get it out of my headspace, yanno?
Red seemed untouchable, immortal atop Mt. Silver (his mountain). Green never worried about his survival, never questioned his tact in nature. Maybe if he had, though– maybe if he'd pushed harder– this could've been avoided. They were 15 when Green caught wind of the location of the former champion. It started out as a rumor, a whisper that spread among younger trainers. Looking back, it wouldn't have been difficult to find him, especially knowing him personally. But no one had looked that hard, either. At 16, Green finally decided to go see him. He left his gym to his trainers (which wasn't unusual in itself; he was known to disappear from time to time–something the Pokemon League did not appreciate.) and packed a bag. He called out his Pidgeot and flew to Mt. Silver. Green only flew up a fourth of the way. Any more, and he was worried about what the sudden altitude would do to his Pidgeot (and himself). After landing on the trail, he recalled Pidgeot, and sent out Arcanine. Together they made the trek up the mountain, Arcanine being a strong asset with his flame burst melting away any icy obstacles. Once at the summit, Green called Arcanine back and tried to calm the anxiety pulsing through his veins. Finally, he pushed himself into the man-made cave. A fire was dying, crackling softly, a blackened pot of melting snow sitting in the ash. There was a sleeping bag by the fire, a knapsack of supplies, but no one in sight. Figures Red wouldn't be here when Green finally decided to show up. Green, freezing, decided to get the fire going again. He noticed a pile of sticks, bits of wood and branches off to the side, and utilized some of them to bring life back to the fire. Green didn't remember falling asleep. He opened his eyes to yellow, a little dark nose sniffing at him. "Pika?" It murmured. Green sat up immediately, looking at the creature. A blanket slid off him, and he heard a shuffling behind him. He turned towards the noise, seeing a figure bent over the knapsack that sat against the wall. They were tall, slender, slightly muscular and pale, much too pale. Their clothes were too small on them, ragged around the edges. They weren't even wearing long sleeves! They turned, and a familiar red pair of eyes bore into Green's brown ones. "Red." He said, surprised. Red blinked at him, and gave a curt nod. Green brought some food, so they heated it up and ate it in lieu of the...well, whatever it was Red had been going to eat. Things were okay. Green didn't speak of where they left off, and neither did Red. To be more specific, Red did not speak. He never really did, anyway. The selective mute only spoke to his mother, and to Green. But that was then. -- It became a bi-monthly thing. Green visited Red on his mountain, updated him about things, provided him with food and some proper clothes ("those clothes are from when you were eleven! Eleven!") and just...enjoyed his company. He kept a distance, unsure what his friend was feeling. In their time apart, his ability to read Red became rusty. He wasn't going to push it further. (They talk things out) "You think you'll ever leave this mountain?" Green asked him one day. Such a question clearly surprised Red, but his expression flattened. It's obvious. Green's lack of response led him to sigh, a bit flustered, and then...he nodded. One day. It's not time yet. -- "Green! Did you hear the news?" His Grandfather shouted over pokegear. "Mt. Silver had an avalanche." -- Few were skilled enough to be permitted entrance to Mt. Silver, and fewer took the challenge. Because of this, it was no surprise that there were no trainers to account for. None except one, anyway. Green took to Mt. Silver on his Pidgeot. Circling the top of the mountain was a Charizard– Red's Charizard– roaring for it's master. When it spotted Green, it immediately flew to him. Red was nowhere in sight. Green's stomach tightened, his heart beating faster. "Where's Red?" He asked. Charizard swooped back down to the mountain. Green followed. Charizard had been carefully clearing mounds of snow with his flamethrower. Still, there was no sign of his trainer, or even Pikachu. Green swallowed thickly, and sent Pidgeot to search via the air, to let him know if he saw anything. He called out Arcanine, and had him work on the snow with Charizard. Green searched the mountain, calling out for Red. It seemed like forever that they searched. Finally, Blue saw something yellow digging out of the snow, and he ran towards it, calling for Growlithe and Charizard. It was Pikachu, ice cold and consciousness waning. Green scooped him up and took off his muffler, using it to wrap un Pikachu. "Pikachu, where's Red?" He asked gently, eyes desperate. Pikachu murmured and looked towards the hole he'd dug. Growlithe dug and Charizard used his flame thrower with extreme caution. Moments later, Growlithe pulled a figure out of the hole. Red was unconscious; his breath barely there and his heart beating slowly. He was as pale as a corpse, his lips a purplish color He was alive. Green choked on tears as he called 911, his voice breaking as he called for help. -- Green rode with Red in the helicoptor. He couldn't not do so–like hell he was going to leave that idiot alone again. Red miraculously had no injuries, but was severely hypothermic. They put him on oxygen and fluids, and made efforts to raise his body temperature. That evening, as Green watched as Pikachu slept on the still unconscious Red's chest, he made a decision. You'll go back to that mountain over my dead body. -- Green was asleep when Red woke up. It was a picture perfect scene; sunlight cascading over his back in streaks. Pretty. He thought simply. He then took in his surroundings, making note of the blankets piled over him and the tube from his arm. He pieced together what happened. Green had saved his life. He wasn't sure how to feel about that. He gently pet Pikachu who was curled up beside him, pika-ing softly as he was roused from sleep. Seeing who woke him, Pikachu nuzzled his head into his trainers palm, making a noise of delight. Red smiled at him, feeling oddly at peace. The noise from Pikachu made Green stir, and he sat up in his chair, rubbing his eyes. Seeing Red sitting up, he sobered, and marched over him, grabbing him by the collar like he had many times before. Red didn't flinch.
I'm sorry red my baby boy
Green wasn't sure how it had started exactly. He was playing on some server one day, and when he called for backup, only one player had answered. Red_96– their screen name. Afterwards, Green added him as a friend. Whoever he was, he was good, and Green had to know how. Of course, Red_96 was a pretty quiet guy. He never really chatted, much less about himself. He barely responded to messages with words– and when he did, they were short, clipped responses. "Fine." "Ok." "No." and so on. If Green needed him in game, though, he'd be there. At first it was a bit off putting, but Green got over it. He filled the messenger space with his own words. One day, out of the blue, someone on Green's team spoke through their headset. It was a quiet voice, but rough and full of uncertainty. "...need'a hand." It turned out to be Red_96. Green nearly fell out of his desk chair. Green couldn't do anything but oblige. Later, he messaged Red. i was starting to think u couldnt talk. how come your always so quiet? He'd asked innocently. nm to say was the reply he got. That was five years ago. Since then, Red had actually started to speak. Well, he did over messenger, at least. Now, with Green turning 18, and once again moving countries, he made a decision. "Hey, you live in Kanto, right?" Green asked one day. Yea I'm moving there to Viridian. Are you close? I was thinking maybe we could meet up. It was awhile before he got a reply. Ok. That was all he needed. -- Green was beyond excited. He didn't tell anyone about his meeting– "You still play that game?" "Green, it's dangerous! They could be a murderer!" – to avoid lectures he knew by heart. Finally, Green was back in Kanto, in his native country. He forgot how undeveloped it was in comparison to Kalos, how so much of it was still grassy fields. The day of the meeting came, and Green could only think about what Red_96 told him. wearing a baseball hat. white w red panel He arrived an hour early, and paced the fountain before settling down on a bench. He busied himself with his phone, trying to distract himself with forum threads as time went agonizingly slow. The hour passed, and there was no sign of the red baseball cap. Green was both disappointed and relieved. And then he saw it. He was surprised by how attractive Red was. His fair skin and soft-looking dark hair. It was disappointing that most of it was covered with that tacky cap. They made eye contact, and the beauty nodded, coming to sit next to him. "You're Red 96, right?" He managed, trying not to stare too much. Red simply nodded. "I-I'm greenrulez1. My name is actually Green–Green Oak." He said, rambling a bit. "So what's yours? What do I call you?" He asked. Red_96 stared at him, and blinked once. Green was...confused. And feeling very awkward. Red never was chatty online, but this was rather uncomfortable. "Like, your name. You have a name, right?" He pressed. Red looked off to the side. "...Red." Red said. His voice was scratchy and quiet–Green wouldn't have heard him if he hadn't been listening. "Okay, Red. Red and Green, huh...
Green wanted to be better, and in doing so, made everything a challenge, regardless of the feelings of those around him. He was harsh– he rubbed his victories in others faces and took his losses hard. Red wanted his friend back. He didn't understand why Green had changed like this– he wondered if it was his fault. It took a toll on him. He convinced himself that in order to get Green back, he'd need to join the competition. He'd become champion, and everything would go back to the way it was. It was their dream, after all. But the road to becoming champion was hard. And it was lonely. Only his Pokemon were there for him, able to understand him and vice versa. Red was mute– he couldn't speak. Red had what Green lacked; he had empathy for the creatures. He took care of them and had bonds with them that were stronger than those of others. He pushed forwards. Team rocket, they were called. They made his blood boil. Stealing Pokemon was wrong– forcing Pokemon to do things was wrong. He fought himself between his priorities-- in the end, he couldn't ignore it. He stopped them. With all 8 badges in hand, he made his way to Victory Road, to the Indigo Plateau. Upon defeating the elite four, he was surprised to learn that the Champion...was Green. They battled. Red won. But he didn't feel like a winner. He felt unsatisfied, miserable and (seeing his ex best friend so upset) guilty. He wanted to go after green, but he couldn't. Hearing praise from Prof. Oak but not to Green felt wrong. I don't deserve this. Why did I want this in the first place?
Winning was supposed to feel good. He was supposed to be happy, to be excited and fulfilled– he'd just accomplished his dream! But it didn't. He wasn't. His chest ached. The people that flooded into the room cheered for him, and it left him feeling hollow. Did he really deserve this? The weight of his guilt and the demand for his attention, the noise from the crowd and the way his ex-best friend had walked off– he was completely overwhelmed, and he started to panic. His Pikachu nuzzled him, looking at him with concern. I need to get out of here. He decided, hands shaking. At the first opportunity that presented itself, Red left. -- -- He wandered a bit before he came across it. Mount Silver was breathtaking. The scenery was beautiful, lush wintery Green's and the glittering of the snow. With nothing better to do, and determination, Red climbed. It was exhausting. He encountered so many Pokemon – all of them strong, but not as strong as his – and it had taken him a few days to reach the summit. He felt like he could breathe, finally. He was truly alone up here, aside from the Pokemon. He hadn't come across a single trainer the entire time. He supposed it was too difficult for most. On the mountain, it was just him and the Pokemon. No one to recognize him, no one to expect anything of him; no one to disappoint.
Routine When Gold– the goofy young trainer who was so much like him but simultaneously not at all –told him about the legendary trainer of Mt. Silver, Green immediately knew who it was. His heart starting pounding hard– he's out there, he's alive, there's a chance –and he laughed despite himself. Three fucking years– three entire, lonely, agonizing years– and Red had never been far at all. Back to the present, Gold continued speaking. "I'm gonna be the first one to beat him." He said, fire burning in his eyes. If anyone else had said this to him, Green would have laughed. But this kid, the Champion of Kanto and Johto, the final nail in Team Rocket's dissolution– Green believed him. That night, Green sat in his apartment at his desk, Eevee curled up next to his arm as he wrote. For years he had been thinking what he'd say to Red if he had the chance, so it didn't take much effort to compose his letter. He sealed it in an envelope, and sighed, giving Eevee a scratch behind her ear. He met Gold outside the Pokemon center. This clearly surprised the boy, but he seemed genuinely happy besides. "Oh, Mister Green! What are you doing here?" He asked. Green pulled out his envelope in response, holding it out towards Gold. "Can you make sure that gets to him?" He asked simply. Gold stared at him for a moment, big eyes blinking at him. He clearly had questions. Then he smiled, and nodded enthusiastically. "Sure!" Gold said. Green thanked him, and then they said their goodbyes. He watched as Gold took off for Mt Silver on the back of his Dragonite. Now all that was left to do was wait. It had been five days by the time Gold finally rang him. Gold looked happy, as always. "I lost!" He said, smiling earnestly. Green stared at him via the screen of his Pokegear. "Why do you sound happy about it." He asked blankly. "Huh? Well, why should I be sad? I'm gonna beat him next time!" Gold said enthusiastically. Green was skeptical. "...how is, uh...how is he?" He asked. "Hm? You mean Mister Red?" Gold asked. "He's good! I mean, he's really good! He took my whole team out and he didn't even say a word. Is he always so quiet? Oh, he's really nice, though! He made me some coffee and let me stay the night! He seems kinda lonely. His Pokemon are super–" "Strong? Monstrous? Yeah, don't even get me started on that Pikachu." Red reread the piece of paper over again. I'm sorry was all that was written, aside from a pokegear number and an address. His chest ached whenever he looked at it, but he couldn't put it away. Gold won. Finally. It had taken several tries, of course– Red, the Red wasn't to be taken down easily. Green took a photo with Gold. How could he not? He hoped, hoped, this would be what brought Red back from the mountain. Green had been visiting home often as of late. Loitering a bit– waiting. "You're waiting for him, aren't you?" Daisy asked him one night, as they cleaned up dinner. Green sighed, a reaction Daisy had not been expecting. "He can't be up there forever. I mean, what else is he waiting for? What else could there possibly be?" Green asked, desperate. "...you?" She supplied. Green was climbing Mt Silver. He was doing it. His sister was good enough to make him something to eat– something he could share with Red. He also packed some supplies– first aid stuff, potions and some fresh blankets. Green flew halfway up on his Pidgeot. He stopped halfway, taking time to get rid of the ice that clung to it's wings. Then he returned it, and climbed. Green almost cried in joy at the sight of the summit. The climb up seemed never ending, as did the amount of Ursaring he kept running into. Luckily, he had his other Pokemon on him. Green entered the cave, glancing around. No one was inside at the moment, but someone had been– a fire was dying, and there were small piles of berries and things assorted by the wall, plus a bag with quite a lot of medicine and a rolled up sleeping bag. Fine. Green would wait. He rekindled the fire, and called out Eevee for some company. She was happy to oblige him, crawling into his coat for warmth. He laid his wet gloves and scarf over a rock to dry, and settled against the wall, waiting. He didn't know when he fell asleep. Regardless, it was dark– the cave was wholly lit by the fire. He then realized he was not alone. In front of him, putting a pot of snow over the fire, was Red. He was almost unrecognizable– but Green supposed he was the same. Pikachu seemed to notice he'd woke, and chu'd to his trainer, prompting Red to look at him. Red gave him a small nod. Green huffed. "Four years and that's it– seriously?" He said, more bitterly than he intended. Red looked away. "I– shit, fuck. I didn't mean...let's start over." Green sighed. "I brought you some stuff." He said, standing. Eevee jumped out of his coat and went to greet Pikachu, both Pokemon very happy to see eachother. Green pulled out the supplies intended for Red, and the food Daisy made them. "So, uh. Training, huh?" Green said, trying to cover up the awkward tension. It didn't work, of course. Red stirred his pot of snow– now water –and added a small cloth pouch to it. "You make your own tea?" Green asked, intrigued. Red looked at him again, and nodded, quirking a brow, as if to say duh. Green scoffed. "Okay, nature man." Conversation flowed more easily after that. It was one sided– which Green expected, considering the gap between them– but nice. Red listened to Green intently. Green spent the night. Obviously, he wasn't going to climb down a mountain so late– that was a death wish. Instead, he borrowed one of the blankets he'd brought Red, and used his bag as a pillow. Red made some kind of stew for breakfast. There was something resembling meat in it, and Green was afraid to ask exactly what it was. "Hey?" Red looking at him questioningly. "Come home, Red." He said finally. The answer was as expected. Red looked away, his eyes hidden under the brim of his cap. Green left. It was about a week later when, right after Green had gotten home one evening, someone knocked on his door. He opened the door, expecting mail, and did a double take. "...Red?" -- There was a brief moment of silence before Red– covered in cuts and scrapes –collapsed, falling forward into Green's arms. Pikachu hopped off Red's shoulder, and tried to get the attention of his master. "Red? Hey, Red?" Green said, panicked. The other boy didn't respond– he was passed out, his entire weight on Green. "Red?" Green tried again, louder. Red didn't stir. Green half-dragged half-carried him inside. Green managed to get Red to the guest bedroom and into bed. Pikachu had followed, ever loyal to his trainer, and jumped up onto the bed to Red's side. Ears drooping, he licked at a cut on Red's cheek. Green wondered what happened– sure, Red looked rough the last time he saw him, but this was a bit...much. Senses kicking in, he placed the back of his hand to Red's forehead. Sure enough, he was burning up. "Think you can help me, sparky?" He asked Pikachu. Really, he never liked the electric rodent– a feeling that was mutual –but he felt like he somehow needed to cheer it up. It's ears raised slightly, and it nodded. "Okay, listen up. Watch over Red here while I go get some things, yeah?" Pikachu nodded, perked up and determined. "Pii!" It said. Green filled a bowl with warm soapy water and got a washcloth. Grabbing the first aid kit, he returned to the guest room. Green wiped the dirt off of Red and cleaned his wounds, bandaging the worst ones. Then he switched out the soapy, now lukewarm water for clean, cold water, and got a clean washcloth. This, he soaked, wringing it out slightly before placing it on Red's forehead. Green checked on Red before he went to bed, and when he got up in the morning. He took off today– the gym would be closed, but his trainers would be training. Eevee was sleeping at his feet, the traitor– next to Pikachu, no less. Green made coffee and poured Eevee and Pikachu some food. He'd feed the others later, since most were too large for his apartment and he had to do it outside. He made himself some toast and munched on it, thinking about what to do. As he mulled it over, the door to the guest bedroom swung open, and there was Red, disoriented and panicked. He leaned against the door frame heavily, breathing hard. Green hadn't seen him like this before. -- "...Red?" Green croaked. Red didn't respond, only stood there– he was dirty, covered in cuts and bruises, and he clutched at him side. Before Green could invite him in, Red's eyes rolled back, and he collapsed. Green caught him, and shook him, trying to get his attention. "H-hey! Wake up!" He tried. -- To Red, Mt Silver was safe. It was his own place where he was out of the eye of the public– and away from those he could hurt. He knew Green hurt when he won. He hurt, too. He'd done this all to show Green that he was capable of doing things, that he was good enough– to make Green look his way. But it didn't work. He could breathe on Mt Silver. But there was something else. That something was mewtwo. He made it his mission to help it. But Mewtwo is dangerous– he couldn't let it out near other people. It'd attempted taking his life multiple times, and he had the scars to prove it. So Red's trying to train Mewtwo. He intends to release it when he sees fit. It's done him a great deal of harm; he's excessively violent and really quite afraid. He doesn't trust humans. ALTERNATIVELY wild Pokemon lol -- Like this could turn into a HELP ME HELP MEWTWO kind of thing or just. "I lost. It was time to come home." Green's like "okay but like. This is my house." that's gay buddy Also later when they're like 19 @ the champions tournament happens & they gay after the tournament green goes to Kalos. he has to leave red behind :( He's only in Kalos for a few months. He comes back just in time for his 20th birthday they turn 22 & someone proposes
so, this one is something I actually posted on ao3, then started working on another chapter. And then,, I hated it so I kind of rewrote most of it
Routine When Gold– the goofy young trainer who was so much like him but simultaneously not at all –told him about the legendary trainer of Mt. Silver, Green immediately knew who it was. His heart started pounding hard– he's out there, he's alive, there's a chance –and he laughed despite himself. Three fucking years– three entire, lonely, agonizing years– and Red had never been far at all. Back to the present, Gold continued speaking. "I'm gonna be the first one to beat him." He said, fire burning in his eyes. If anyone else had said this to him, Green would have laughed. But this kid, the Champion of Kanto and Johto, the final nail in Team Rocket's dissolution– Green believed him. That night, Green sat in his apartment at his desk, Eevee curled up next to his arm as he wrote. For years he had been thinking what he'd say to Red if he had the chance, so it didn't take much effort to compose his letter. He sealed it in an envelope, and sighed, giving Eevee a scratch behind her ear. He met Gold outside the Pokemon center. This clearly surprised the boy, but he seemed genuinely happy besides. "Oh, Mister Green! What are you doing here?" He asked. Green pulled out his envelope in response, holding it out towards Gold. "Can you make sure that gets to him?" He asked simply. Gold stared at him for a moment, big eyes blinking at him. He clearly had questions. Then he smiled, and nodded enthusiastically. "Sure!" Gold said. Green thanked him, and then they said their goodbyes. He watched as Gold took off for Mt Silver on the back of his Dragonite. Now all that was left to do was wait. It had been five days by the time Gold finally rang him. Gold was a happy kid– always wearing a goofy smile with his cheeks rosy. When he was especially happy, his eyes actually sparkled. Green didn't know that was even possible. Green answered his Pokegear as soon as his fingers would allow, Gold's face filling the screen. He was grinning, cheeks and nose red from the cold– his eyes had that sparkle to them, and Green knew immediately. "You actually beat him." Green deadpanned. It was definitely a wound to Green's pride– he'd never beaten Red, not once. "How did you know?" Gold asked sincerely, not fazed by Green seeing through him. "He was so strong and cool and– just– wow! He didn't say a word! He just battled me, and then he vanished! I don't know how he did it!" Gold exclaimed. The view of the pokegear shook as Gold jumped in victory, excitement still pumping through his veins. Green's heart started thumping in excitement– maybe this was it. Maybe Red was done? He grinned, not thinking further than that. "Swing by the gym when you're back in Viridian, I'll treat ya!" That was uncharacteristic of himself. But Green couldn't help it– he was excited! "Wowow, really!? Okay!" Gold said. "Oh, I gotta go, someone's trying to call me! See ya later, Mister Green!" With that, the young champion hung up, leaving Green to his thoughts. He hoped, hoped, this would be what brought Red back from the mountain. That this would be what brought Red home. -- It had been a few days since Gold's victory. There was no sign of Red– Green was tempted to climb Mt Silver himself and find him, but instead he just focused on his gym. He'd been choosing to work late– staying in his office and doing paperwork, or getting in some more training. As such, Green got home pretty late. This particular evening, it was 9 o'clock by the time Green left– and pouring down rain. He knew if he was still living with his Gramps, his sister would be giving him an earful about working so late . But he lived on his own now, in a lonely, empty apartment in Viridian. So, Green started the walk home, tightening his increasingly wet jacket around himself. Green made his way up the two flights of outdoor stairs to his floor. As he finished the second staircase, the closest street lamp fizzled out, leaving him in near-complete darkness. Great. Green didn't wait for his eyes to adjust. He just wanted to get inside, take a hot shower and curl up in his warm bed– was that too much to ask? As a result, he didn't see the obstruction in front of his door, and when he pushed his key in the lock and stepped forward with the door, he tripped. Green fell forward, and as he tried to regain his balance, he grabbed onto something soft and fuzzy. Whatever it was, it growled. "Chuu...!" In a flash of light with a yelp of shock, Green was electrocuted. After a moment of paralysis, Green realized he was now in the doorway of his apartment. Something had broken his fall, though, and the crappy mat by the door wasn't nearly plush enough for that. Green groaned, and lifted himself up enough to see what he'd fallen on. He met eyes with none other than mother fucking Red. "What the fuck." Green blurted. It wasn't even a question, and his words held no malice– he was just...he wasn't sure what was going on. Red looked at him painfully, and Green wasn't sure if it was just because he'd been fallen on. Green got off him, and Red got up after him. Pikachu hopped back onto Red's shoulder, shooting Green an offended look. Green scowled at the rodent, unintimidated. He turned back to Red, who was staring at him. He raised an eyebrow, and then noticed how different Red looked. His clothes were obviously too small– he obviously hadn't gone home. Green's stomach sank slightly at that. He knew Red's mother hadn't taken his disappearance well, and the guilt was heavy. Really, Red looked pretty atrocious– dirty and pale and covered in scrapes and bruises. Then Red raised his hands. It took him a bit to form what he wanted to say, and then for Green to understand. They were both a bit rusty with their sign language, anyway. Did not see you Was asleep Are you okay? Red looked at Green with concern. Green raised his eyebrows. "'m fine, man." He said. "You, on the other hand, look terrible." His words sounded joking, but they both knew he meant it. His concern wasn't lost on Red, who shifted his gaze towards the floor, adjusting his cap uncomfortably. This was going great. Green sighed. Was this how it was going to be between them? No. He couldn't accept that. "Alright. You clearly need to take a bath–" Green announced, making Red startle a bit. "–and that includes the rat." He narrowed his eyes at Pikachu, who glared back at him. Red shot Green a look for that, but hesitantly nodded, unsure if it would really be alright. Green grinned slightly, feeling the tensions in the room begin to ease up. "C'mon." Green said, leading Red towards his bathroom. "Use whatever. You know how to bathe. I use the stuff in the purple bottle for Eevee, but it's all safe for pokemon." He said, grabbing a towel from under the sink. Red looked slightly overwhelmed at the amount of products Green had around the tub. Green went to hand him the towel, and noticed this, glancing at the clusters of bottles. He held back a sigh, realizing Red probably had no idea what to do with any of it. Red probably didn't care about his hair like Green did– which was a little embarrassing, because Green is not obsessed! Probably. Maybe a bit. Green rolled his eyes, and grabbed a bottle of a honey scented shampoo, shoving it and the towel into Red's arms. "Just use this. I'm going to make something to eat. I'll put some clothes by the door." He said. With that, Green left the bathroom, leaving Red alone. -- Red -- Red turned on the faucet. Pikachu was looking over the side of the tub, watching the water fill it with interest. Red gave a small smile, feeling a bit more relaxed away from Green– but also more anxious. He was in Green's house. In Green's bathroom. Using Green's clothes. He was conflicted. Red thought Green hated him until the note Gold brought arrived. He thought Green was right to hate him, too! After all, he'd taken everything from Green– Green barely even had it. He'd hurt his friend. Even if Green had been a jerk, even if Green was a bully– Red killed his Raticate! Red was a coward– he ran from it all. And now Green was taking care of him? Why? Red hadn't noticed how hard he was squeezing the bottle of shampoo Green gave him. It had popped open, and was covering his hand. Pikachu nuzzled his leg. Right. Best to get on with this, then. He put the bottle down and stuck his hand under the faucet, letting the shampoo run off into the tub to become bubbles. Red took off his clothes, leaving them in a haphazard pile by the tub, along with his ratty old sneakers and hat. He slowly eased into the tub, his battered body aching. Pikachu hopped up onto the side of the tub and carefully dipped his little foot in, then eased himself in like his trainer. They sat there for a moment, then Red picked up the purple bottle Green said he used on Eevee. He squirted a bit into his hands, and gestured for Pikachu to stay still. "Pii...piiikaa..." Pikachu whined as his trainer rubbed the soap into his fur. Then Red scrubbed himself free of dirt and grime, he even washed his hair. -- "Pikapika!" Pikachu ran into the kitchen towards Eevee, who was very happy to see him. "Vui!" She ran around him in a circle. "Vui vui vui!" She stopped and looked at him with sparkling eyes. Green rolled his eyes, and turned as he heard Red come in. Green's clothes fit him fine, aside from the pants being just slightly too short. Red looked...older. Duh, Green thought. But Red looked attractive, really. His brown hair was still dripping, his pale skin making it look darker. He was tall and slender and God Green is gay. -- Red stared at his plate with surprise, then back up at Green. "What?" Green asked defensively. You can cook Red signed. Green scoffed. -- "So...you're living together." Leaf confirmed. "What? No, he's just...it's not..." Green trailed off, thinking to himself. He sighed. "Okay. Yeah." "Have you kissed yet?" Leaf asked nonchalantly. Green inhaled the sip he'd taken of his soda, and started coughing, eyes watering. "What?!" He croaked between coughs. Leaf rolled her eyes. "Living together, sleeping in the same bed...you can't tell me that's just platonic, Green." She said. Green, finally re-composed, opened his mouth to retort and closed it, looking at Leaf flustered. He finally gave up and pointedly took a sip of his soda. -- Red was asleep on the couch when Green returned from the gym. Pikachu was curled up on the cushion above him, sleeping peacefully– Red must have been doing laundry, since there were clothes strewn about and folded up haphazardly. Green couldn't help but smile– it was sweet of Red to try and help out. Green went to the living room and put the laundry away, folding it neatly and stacking it in the basket. He crouched in front of Red to reach the last piece of clean clothing, and as he moved back he realized he was only inches from Red's face. He froze, his heart beating hard and his cheeks pink. He looked so kissable, sleeping so peacefully. Green couldn't look away from his lips, as chapped and pale as they were. Then, Red was looking back at him. Green hadn't realized when he woke up, but he couldn't bring himself to look away. Green was drawn in closer as Red looked at him with an unreadable look in his eyes. The kiss barely lasted a second, but as soon as Green realized what he'd done he sprung up, ears red and looking anywhere but Red. "I–uh, th-there's...uhh, something...I have to do! S-smell ya later..?" Green babbled, then went right back out. He didn't see how Red tried to call out for him. -- Leaf wasn't home, leaving one option– one he kind of wasn't ready for? -- Green sighed. After a beat, he started to laugh slightly. This– this whole situation –was so utterly fucking ridiculous, he couldn't help it. He felt many conflicting things, but on top of it all, he could only really think what the fuck?
The cheering in the stadiums fell on deaf ears as Red stared at his friend-turned-rival. They had both been down to their last Pokémon– Green's Eevee and Red's Pikachu. The battle was intense, and with a final thunderbolt, it was suddenly over. As Green recalled his Eevee, press swarmed onto the battle floor, crowding around Red. He tried to peer over them to see Green, but had no such luck– there were too many adults with their microphones in his face. He winced at the flash of cameras going off, feeling panic well up inside of him. "Trainer Red, how does it feel to be champion?" "Trainer Red! Can we get a statement?" "Mister Red, do you have anything to say–" "Red–" "Excuse me, Red–" Red was like a deer in the headlights. He just stood there, looking around with panic. Finally, his saving grace came in the form of Professor Oak. He was whisked off to the hall of champions. As Oak swore him in, he couldn't help but look at Green's place. His chest tightened. Why had he wanted this? Because it was his dream? No. It was their dream. They were supposed to have done it together. Red never felt more alone. -- Needless to say, spending four years on a mountain didn't help Red's social skills. He didn't really have any to begin with, though– he was never good at that sort of thing. So when a trainer actually made it to the summit, he didn't really know how to react. He had been making some tea at the time, so he just kind of...shoved a cup at the kid. The kid– Gold, he said his name was –gave a huge smile, and plopped down. He gratefully took a sip. Then, he started talking. "Ah, man! I didn't think I'd make it...this mountain is so HUGE!" Gold said, as if he was talking to someone he knew. Red just listened to him– it's not like he could do anything else. "Silver even said so! Oh– Silver is a friend of mine! Well, we didn't used to be friends, but he's a lot different now!" Gold continued, straying off-topic. Red was honestly surprised by how much energy the boy had. "He was kinda mean at first, but he's nice now! Well, sometimes he's kinda harsh, but that's just how he is!" Gold said, grinning and drinking the rest of his tea. "Oh, gosh! I was so busy talking, I didn't even let you introduce yourself! I'm sorry. What's your name?" Gold said, frowning slightly and looking at Red intently. Red was fine with it– he hadn't tried to, anyway. But now he was in a bit of a pickle. He couldn't speak– not to this kid. He thought for a second, then took off his hat and pointed to the red on it. Gold looked confused. "Your name is hat?" He asked. Red shook his head, pointing to it again. "Your name is...ball?" Again, Red shook his head. "Pokeball?" Red shook his head harder. "Red?" Red nodded, putting his cap back on. "Oh! It's nice to meet you then, Mister Red!" Gold said, grinning at him. Then he gasped, and jumped up, looking like he just had an epiphany. "Oh, that's right! I came here for a battle!" He said. Then he flashed that same chubby-cheeked grin, and pulled a pokeball off his belt. "Mister Red, I'd like to challenge you to a battle!" He announced. "What do you say?" The corner of Red's lips twitched. He nodded. Gold beat him. And Red never felt so free. He felt like a person for the first time since he came up the mountain. Like someone who wasn't untouchable– he felt grounded. The barrier he built himself to keep others out had been broken. Red was actually human. Before Gold left, he gave him a note. "Oh yeah! This is for you! See ya later, mister Red!" Was all he said before leaving. Red wanted to tell him to stay, almost. Red opened the envelope and read its contents. Tears welled up and fell without his consent, dripping onto the paper. Why was Green sorry? It was time to find out.
connected to the two drafts above, this was supposed to be a red pov thing but like. meh
Beginning again chapter 2; draft 2 "...Red?" Green croaked. Sure enough, in front of him stood Red, (now ex) champion of the Indigo League. He gave a nod. What else could Green do but invite him inside? Red was quiet. He plopped his things down by the wall and came in without removing his shoes, prompting Green to push him back to the entrance and force him to do so. Pikachu rubbed his head against Red's arm affectionately, and Green... Green was honestly a bit jealous– he had no idea what Red what thinking about right now. Something was wrong, though. Otherwise Red wouldn't have come here, he'd surely have gone home– which he clearly hadn't, seeing as he still wore the same clothes that were now worn and ragged, too small to accommodate four years of growth comfortably. Right? Red's stony expression softened slightly when Eevee ran up to him, allowing his calloused hands to stroke her beloved fur. After quietly watching Red for a bit, Green finally spoke. "What do...why..." He trailed off, and sighed. "What are you here for, Red?" Red gazed to the side, looking somehow ashamed. He hesitantly opened his mouth, then closed it, opting to use sign language instead. — — After quietly watching Red for a bit, Green finally spoke. "I– I didn't think you'd come back." Well. That wasn't what Green had been going to say. Though, he couldn't really remember what he had been going to say. Just something– anything to get rid of the tension. He quickly looked away, his thumbnails digging into his forefingers. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. "...Aahye–" The voice was hoarse and quiet, strangely accented, and abruptly stopped. Green's head snapped back up, looking at Red in surprise, his eyebrows raised. Red was staring at his hands, pensive. Finally, he glanced at Green, and brought his hands up in front of him, signing slowly, unsurely. I was— Red stopped briefly, and then started over. I'm sorry.
as a note red's on ability to speak, I have a few headcanons for him one being he is Physically Mute, another being selective mute, another being he's mute by choice & he just doesn't care for speaking, and another being be chooses not to speak bc of aphasia or something that makes him hard to understand
Kinda violent pokemon fic lmao?? Red used the wall for support as he staggered out of the cave. One leg was dragging behind him, the other the only thing keeping him moving. He left a trail of blood– bloody smears on the walls of cave, the floor beneath him littered with various puddles where he'd stopped to rest, droplets connecting them. He collapsed not ten feet from the exit, breathing hard through the reverberating pain. He had no choice. All of his Pokemon were hurt– not at all like he was –and he couldn't ask any more of them. He'd even forced Pikachu back into the pokeball it despised. Red choked on his pain as he forced himself to sit up, against the wall. He somehow managed to get his backpack off, and opened it with his teeth. He fumbled around inside of it, finally finding what he'd been searching for. It was cracked, but not as badly as he'd expected. And thank Arceus, it still worked. He sent a message to the only number he could remember, still clearer than his mother's. -- Green had been in the middle of his weekly visit with his sister when his Pokegear went off. He groaned. "Oh, answer it. It could be important! Maybe a date...?" Daisy winked. Green rolled his eyes, but checked his Pokegear anyway. What he saw sent his heart into a frenzy– something that didn't go unnoticed by his sister. "What's wrong?" Green didn't answer her, just showed her the screen of his Pokegear. It was a message from none other than Red. All it said was cerulean cave. Something was very not right about this. He hadn't spoken to Red in nearly four years– what was this, so suddenly? Something must be wrong, he realized. "Red...? But...I thought you haven't spoken to him in years?" Daisy asked. "...I've got a bad feeling about this." Green said, standing from his place on the couch. He grabbed his bag and hurried to the door. "Green, where–" "Sorry, I'll call you later, tell Gramps I said hey!" Green called, sending out his Pidgeot in the garden. Before Daisy could say another word, he was gone. -- On the shores of Cerulean cave, Green returned Pidgeot and sent out Arcanine. He wasn't able to give orders before Arcanine started sniffing the air, becoming tense and uneasy. Green followed as Arcanine very slowly, warily led them into the cave. Arcanine suddenly stopped, entirely still. Green could tell why– the smell of blood was so pungent he felt like he could taste it. Finally, he noticed the smear of red along the wall that stopped just behind a rock. He ran, heart pounding. There was Red, bloody and broken and barely conscious– Green felt the adrenaline pump through his blood, terrified. He didn't hesitate to rush to his ex-rival's side, taking his face in his hands. "Red! Red, look at me. Look at me." He said, voice wavering. Red's glazed over eyes focused on him, as much as they could with the bare threads of consciousness behind them. Green wasted no time in calling over Arcanine, and slung Red over it's back. They hurried out of the cave as fast as they could, and Green called out Pidgeot, who helped Red onto it's back. He got on behind Red, holding onto him tight as he returned Arcanine. "Pokemon center, hurry." He said. They took off. -- Naturally, the closest Pokemon center was in Cerulean City. As soon as they landed, Green dismounted Pidgeot and led them inside in a hurry. The nurse at the counter looked up with a smile, one that quickly faded as she saw Red. "Help." Was all Green said– all he could say, really. He was quickly going numb, not understanding what was going on anymore. The nurse shouted for more staff, and the rest was a blur. Green woke up on one of the benches in the pokemon center around 6 am. He rubbed his eyes, trying to figure if he'd dreamed everything or not. Then he realized the blood on his jacket and knew it had all been real. He sighed. What had happened? Red was so...beaten up. Who had done this? What had done this? As if on cue, the nurse from earlier approached him. "Your friend's injuries are very severe. Do you know what put him in such a state?" She asked. Green shook his head. "He sent me a text with his location, so I came. When I got there, he was already..." Green trailed off. "Is he gonna be okay?" He asked. The nurse smiled sadly. "I'm sorry, but it's too early to tell for sure." She said. "His Pokemon are healing well on the other hand, though they seem panicked about something. We had to sedate his Pikachu, the poor thing..." the nurse sighed. "I'll keep you posted." "Thank you." Green said. The nurse returned to her station. Green pulled out his Pokegear and checked the time. He also realized his grandfather and sister had tried to contact him quite a few times. Better let them know he's not dead. Green went over to the rows of video phones and sat down at one. First, he dialed the number for the Viridian City gym, and let them know he wouldn't be coming in today. "But. That doesn't mean the rest of you get to slack off. Stick to your training! I'll know if you haven't. Smell ya." He told them. Then he called home. "Hel– oh, Green!" It was his Grandfather who answered, though he'd put a 50/50 chance of either Daisy or him answering the video phone. They were both morning people, after all. "Hey, Gramps. I must've been asleep when you called, s'been kinda crazy over here." Green sighed. "Your sister was terribly worried. She said something about Red, and Cerulean cave?" His grandfather said inquisitively. "Ah, yeah." Green said. Then he explained the text he'd gotten, and how he'd rushed off to the cave, how he'd found Red. "I don't know what happened, t'be honest. I just...found him like that." Green recounted, running his hands over his face. "I see...Green, do you recall the old mansion on Cinnabar island?" Oak asked. "Mansion?" Green asked. Then he remembered the old place– the wreckage, the creepy statues and the cryptic documents detailing a artificial pokemon. "Mewtwo." Green said. "But what does that have to do with Red?" "Four years ago, I sent Red to Cerulean cave to find
remember when I said I'm a huge fucking sadist uh yeah


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